Community Prayer—A Community Prayer time is held every Tuesday Noon at the Willmar Fire Station.  We do our best to conclude our time together at 1PM.


Business Connections—A time of sharing, discussion and prayer is held the third Thursday of every month at 11:45 AM and concludes at 1:00 PM. This event is held at The Oaks (1000 26th Ave NE, Willmar). This is a great time to learn from fellow business and civic leaders how they live out their faith at work.


Business Prayer and Focus—The first Wednesday of every month at 7:45 AM Faith@Work goes to businesses throughout the community to pray for the business, the owner/employer, the company’s employees needs and concerns. If you would like Faith@Work to hold a prayer session at your business please contact Faith@Work at 320-222-9793.


Chaplaincy Program— a proactive and personalized employee assistance program. Companies are assigned male, female, ethnically diverse chaplains who visit the work site regularly, and are available for crisis care, any needed help and confidential discussions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Chaplains build work site relationships, provide a wide range of chaplain team services for employees and give support to company leadership.